Buying a Property


Whether you are looking to buy your first property, upgrade your property or are looking to purchase an investment opportunity, we have the team and experience you need. With over 10 years’ experience in the local sales market we understand the importance of every property purchase and are on hand to assist you all the way.


Decide what your searching for  

What kind of lifestyle is important to you? Where are your friends and family based? What is the main reason you are looking to buy and what can you compromise on?



There are two types of mortgage repayment mortgage or interest only?

  • With a repayment mortgage you repay the capital and interest together in fixed installment typically over a 25-year term.
  • Interest-only mortgages require you to service only the interest on the mortgage every month and do not reduce the outstanding capital balance over the term. Most mortgage lenders expect you to have in place a suitable repayment vehicle to provide you with sufficient capital to allow you to repay the outstanding debt at the end of the term. These are considered to be niche products and only suitable for certain clients, generally with larger deposits

Finding your new home

When viewing a property, you must be able to see it working for you, your family, and the lifestyle you lead  


Making an offer 

When you are ready to make your offer, call the estate agent immediately. If you like the property, the chances are others will too, so don’t delay! 


Legal Cost

Once your solicitor has navigated these potential pitfalls, the legal process begins to make the property your own 

  • Mortgage indemnity fee
  • Lender's valuation fee
  • Conveyancing
  • Land Registry fee
  • Surveys
  • Stamp duty land tax
  • Removals
  • Contingency fund (there are always unexpected costs along the way)
  • Building and contents insurance