Letting Your Property


Letting out a house or flat can be a great investment, but there are a few things to look out for. We can help you find tenants, get the right price and manage the paperwork 



We’ve found that when a place feels right, the first few minutes are often all prospective tenants need to decide.
This means making your property look its best could often be the difference between a quick rental and a long slog with an empty house or flat on the market.

  • Be objective – don’t overlook flaws just because you don’t mind them

  • Reduce clutter – get rid of everything but the bare essentials
  • Decorate neutrally – tenants should be able to see it as their home, not yours
  • Keep it light – clean the windows and use light colors to decorate
  • Outside and in – fresh paintwork and well cared for outside spaces make a great first impression


We will initially view the property to assess its rental value. At this point we will answer any questions you may have and determine the most suitable service to meet your requirements. We will also be able to make recommendations where necessary that could potentially increase the rental value of your property. Our advice at this point is completely free and aimed at making sure you have a firm understanding of all your obligations before proceeding to let your property.


Marketing your property

Once you have decided to appoint us as your agent, one of our representatives will visit the property in order to take some internal and external photographs. We will use the photographs and the information we have collected to create an attractive advert which we will display whilst marketing your property.

In order to maximise property exposure, our website is updated daily, and our properties are listed on national property portals. 


We will use our experience and local knowledge to market your property in a way that is most likely to attract good tenants that match your preferred profile.


Presenting the property

As the lettings market becomes more and more competitive, it is important that the property is presented in the best way possible. Without this, the property could remain empty for longer as well as affecting its rental value.

To help a rental property appeal to a wider market, we would suggest the following:

  • Keep the colours in the property neutral.
  • Gardens must be kept maintained (when a tenant occupies the property, the maintenance of the garden becomes their responsibility although in some circumstances we would recommend the services of a gardener, the charge for which can be added to the rent).
  • Any equipment and furnishings provided to be in keeping with the type of property (e.g. contemporary for a modern flat).
  • Check for any grouting issues in places such as the bathroom. Any mould issues here can really effect a prospective tenant's decision to rent the property.
  • If the property is a flat with a communal entrance and hallway, make sure that for the benefit of all tenants that this area is kept tidy and clear of debris at all times.
  • Double glazing and gas central heating is another popular feature amongst prospective tenants.
  • In general, try to find and rectify any damages around the property that can be easily seen or experienced. This not only make it more attractive to good tenants but may save in the longer term on more expensive repairs.

Obtaining tenant and creating tenancy  

When you’ve found the right tenants and they’ve agreed to move in, there’s some paperwork to be done before the tenancy can start. We’ll take care of this and send all the documents to you and your tenants.
Referring is extremely important before taking on a suitable tenant and we prefer to review these references with you

  • Tenant referencing

  • Creating Tenancy agreement

  • Collecting payment

  • Collecting ID

  • Right to rent checks

  • Inventory

Taking deposit and moving in 

Before the tenancy starts, we’ll collect the deposit and the first rent payment on your behalf. As soon as this money clears, your tenants can move in.